Hello, I'm Gabe Wyatt, a Portland-based technical writer and full stack developer. I focus on creating robust end-to-end technical projects for an upper-tier clientele while maintaining 100% satisfaction across all projects to date.

In addition to writing, my professional experience consists of over 15 years of programming, web development, and a healthy mix of server and database administration, which provides me with a great deal of knowledge to draw on when writing in the tech space.

Please take a look at my portfolio, skills, and experience to see how I can help you and your team bring your next great technical project to life!

01 — Skillset

As a technically-obsessed person, over the years I've developed projects using a wide variety of languages, technologies, and platforms.


I've developed both stand-alone and project-related applications using many different languages and frameworks, based on the needs of the client. Every single line of code I write is functional, relevant, and personally-tested. This ensures that the final content I write features code that both my client and I can vouch for.

Programming Languages


I've created numerous projects that require significant DevOps experience. I've worked with a variety of database technologies and cloud platforms, including many of the most common Amazon Web Services.

Client Technologies

My robust experience using many different programming languages and frameworks, and working with such a wide variety of clients, gives me the ability to rapidly learn and write about new technologies. Most of my client-based projects require me to quickly dive into proprietary client technologies. I'm adept at self-sufficiently picking up these new technologies, integrating them with new or existing projects/code bases, and writing relevant content perfectly suited to the client's technology and needs.


In addition to my writing and development skills I've also produced a significant amount of photo and video content using the Adobe Creative Suite.


02 — Portfolio

Here are a few of the many things I've worked on over the years. Below you'll find a brief project description, the relevant skills that were used, the published site/content, and the original project source code (where relevant).

Chaos Monkey Guide for Engineers screenshot

Chaos Monkey Guide for Engineers

I worked with the Director of Technology and Director of Marketing of Gremlin to create a comprehensive subsection of their website that explored every aspect of Chaos Monkey, the resiliency testing tool created by Netflix that randomly terminates virtual machines within a system. Gremlin wanted the final project to be thorough and useful enough that a Google search for the term Chaos Monkey would return this new subsection of their site in the top results; a goal which was met.

GremlinChaos MonkeyKubernetesAWS CLIAmazon EC2Amazon CloudFormationAmazon S3MySQLSpinnakerDockerAzureAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopMarkdownJekyllNetlify
Chaos Engineering Through Staged Resiliency screenshot

Chaos Engineering Through Staged Resiliency

A 5-part series about Chaos Engineering that explains how to progressively build up a resilient system in stages. In the series I started by creating a simple Bookstore application in Python, then setup a basic architecture of a Django REST API running on Amazon EC2, PostgreSQL running on Amazon RDS, and an Amazon S3 bucket, as can be seen in the first stage. For this project, not only did I setup all the architecture examples provided to write about them, I also created all the diagrams seen throughout the series to illustrate how the components fit together as the staging progresses. Thus, at the final stage of implementation the architecture has expanded to use three Amazon EC2 instances, blue/green testing, multiple AWS Availability Zones, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route53 DNS routing and failovers, in addition to the basic application structure, as seen in the final stage.

GremlinChaos EngineeringAWS CLIAmazon EC2Amazon CloudFormationAmazon CloudFrontAmazon Route53Amazon RDSAmazon S3PostgreSQLAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopMarkdownJekyllNetlify
Building a Twitter Clone with Dgraph and React screenshot

Building a Twitter Clone with Dgraph and React

This project was aimed and teaching visitors and potential customers how the client's graph-based database system could be integrated into a common, modern web application. I developed a basic Twitter clone app that mimicked the basic functionality of Twitter. It was built using React, Typescript, Express/Axios, and Dgraph (the client's graph database tech). After completing the development I then wrote a 5-part tutorial diving into the project and walking users through each major component.

How to Recreate Reddit with Dgraph and Vue.js screenshot

How to Recreate Reddit with Dgraph and Vue.js

A fully-functional Reddit clone app and accompanying walk-through tutorial illustrating exactly how I designed, developed, and evolved a Vue.js application that integrated the client's efficient graph-based database.

Airbrake.io screenshot


I designed, developed, and wrote over 300 technical tutorials for the client ranging in topic from language-specific error deep dives and design pattern tutorials in C# to DevOps best practices guides and even fun little JavaScript projects to celebrate recent holidays! This focus on long-form, high quality articles provided a massive boost to Airbrake's traffic. Total monthly views increased by more than 700% over this 14-month period, while compound monthly growth was 21% throughout.

AirbrakeError/Exception HandlingNode.jsTypeScriptJavaScriptPythonJava.NETC#RubyRuby on RailsAngularReactAndroidDjangoGolangMagentoPHPSwiftiOSDevOpsDesign PatternsHTMLCSSMarkdownJekyllWordpressHugoGatsbyNetlifyDigitalOcean
Chartio screenshot


Over the course of 6 months Chartio tasked me with writing a number of tutorials focused on database management, queries, and best practices. Chartio was looking to improve traffic and brand awareness in a wide range of topics, which offered me a chance to write about and code within many different data-related technologies.

ChartioGoogle BigQueryAmazon AuroraAmazon RedshiftMySQLSQL ServerOraclePandasPostgreSQLExcel / Google SheetsRedisElasticsearchMongoDBDjangoIBM DB2d3.js
GabeWyatt.com Portfolio screenshot

GabeWyatt.com Portfolio

I created this site to modernize my resume and portfolio. It is a static, PWA that uses the powerful Gatsby.js React-based framework in combination with GraphQL. This makes it easy to dynamically change the site content while retaining a fast response for visitors.

Gatsby.jsReactGraphQLNode.jsJavaScriptAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopHTMLCSSSassMDXMarkdownNetlify

03 — References

Don't take my word for it. Here's what people I've worked with have said about me.

Austin Gunter

Austin Gunter

Senior Director of Marketing

Thank you so much for this!

Really happy with the work and grateful for all your time.

Michel Diz

Michel Diz

Support Engineer

I just finished to review Gabe's Twitter clone. Very good, HUGE. I did not know that a human being could write so much and cover so much alone.

Next we need to do it with Apollo GraphQL + Dgraph. Full graph! For the Win!

AJ Welch

AJ Welch

Data Engineer

Everything looks great!! Thank you! I really appreciate you helping me out with the aggressive deadline.

Andrew Powell-Morse

Andrew Powell-Morse

Marketing & Software Engineering

This looks great. You’ve been rock solid!

Katie Bouwkamp

Katie Bouwkamp

Director of PR/Communications
Coding Dojo

Awesome job on the eBook. My team and I are beyond pleased with how it turned out! Everything from the layout, visuals to sources cited are excellent! Seriously, you rock!

Tim Brown

Tim Brown


Love it, thank you for your hard work.

04 — Assurances

Meeting and exceeding the needs of my clients is of the utmost importance. Here are many of the values and assurances I provide to everyone I work with.

Guaranteed Deadlines

Once a project is set in stone and a deadline is agreed upon, I will ensure the project stays on track and is completed and sent to you prior to that deadline.


I have completed hundreds of ghostwriting projects in the past and would love to help you by creating stellar content that can then be attributed to you or another thought leader in your company.


Frequent and thorough communication is a necessity for a successful project, so I will always be available via email, private message, or phone.

Repeated Projects

Many of my clients have seen tremendous benefit from an ongoing source of projects and content. I am often available and willing to set aside enough time in the week or month to focus on repeated projects to ensure your company's content stream never dries up.

Shape Each Project to Your Needs

Every client has different needs and, therefore, each completed project should adjust to those needs as required. My writing always aims to match the appropriate tone, style, target demographic, and narrative voice that your project requires.

SEO Consultation

Even an exceptionally well-written piece may be ignored or forgotten without proper marketing. In addition to creating pieces that meet modern SEO standards, I also offer consultation services to ensure the finished project will rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Project Types

I am adept and creating professional projects of many types including API documentation, articles, blog posts, copywriting, direct mail/email, eBooks, essays, press releases, product descriptions, social media posts, tutorials, white papers, and more.

Competitive Rates

While you may opt to find a technical writer/developer through a recruitment service, as the client you’ll invariably pay the extra overhead that entails. By working directly with an experienced writer like myself, you’ll save money while having a direct line of communication to the creator.